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De-Tox Bundle

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I chose this bundle for those who have a strong body but they need remedies that will detoxify them quickly and cover many pathways as possible. There is no way one can just detoxify with just products only. One has to have the baths, the saunas, the enemas, the oil pulling, the foot baths, etc etc etc.

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Neuro-Antitox II CNS/PNS

is for those suffering primarily from problems in the brain, meninges, and peripheral nerves from Lyme toxins and heavy metals. Indications include, but are not limited to – cognitive disturbances, dizziness, and vertigo, disturbances in vision, neuritis, neuralgia, numbness, palsies, and headaches.

Ingredients: Silphium, Salvia Azurea, sarcobioenergetic potencies in P6, 12, and 30 of cerebrospinal fluid, dura mater, cerebellum, optic nerve, substantia nigra, cerebral cortex, cranial nerve VIII (vestibulocochlear n.), myelencephalon, temporal lobe, occipital lobe, quadrigeminal plate, lumbar plexus, brachial plexus, periodontium.


Silphium has been shown through clinical research to be possibly the greatest anti-neurotoxin substance found to date. Silphium is thought to breakdown and/or bind microbial, bind heavy metals,  breakdown isopropyl alcohol, and benzene accumulations It deals with the accumulation of ammonia, also . Silphium is recommended to limit herxheimer reactions during any type of antibiotic, antimicrobial treatments. Stevia also helps nutrients get into the cell and lets the waste come out of the cell as well. Dandelion ,reduce inflammation, gallbladder, reduces high blood pressure, cleans the liver and the kidney, and a great digestive aid.  Burdock is known as a blood purifier and diuretic. It is a prebiotic and an anti-oxidant. Yucca Helps the body get rid of ammonia, eases arthritic pain and improves cognition: Humic/Bio-Mass acid transports nutrients right into the cells, as well as allowing waste leave the cell.  It is a powerful natural free-radical scavenger  and has the ability to  remove toxic heavy metals and other pollutants from the system.


Molybdenum is a trace mineral that can dramatically aid in the detoxification of the toxins caused by the dysfunction of multiple tissues in chronic illness. Molybdenum is very useful for detoxifying the toxin aldehyde from the die-off of Candida-type yeast.

Aldehydes are also considered neurotoxins,or nerve poisons. Aldehydes are the toxins responsible for the hangover experienced by drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. I know of many Lymies who complain of this hung-over feeling without having consumed any alcohol. (However, it is our experience that it will not completely detoxify the specific Bb toxin.) Taking molybdenum will help slow the degeneration of tissues and related symptoms from the toxic overload.

Neuro-Antitox II Basic ACV

Neuro-Antitox II Basic ACV is good for global detoxification of toxins, heavy metals, die-off that are in the gut.

Dr. Steve Harris, MD, author of “Insights to Lyme Disease Treatments” uses and promotes the Neuro-Antitox II™ formulas

These comments have not been approved by the FDA. They reflect the opinions of Dr. Sara Jernigan, DC and are not intended to take the place of or contradict the diagnosis or treatment of your current health care practitioner. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or address disease. All of the products in the Jernigan Nutraceutical product line work to enhance and support the restoration of structure and function of the body’s crystalline matrix.