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Colds and Viruses

Virogen™ is the easiest remedy for kids to take. They like the taste of it. They have always been like little birds expecting a worm from their mommy. Heads up and mouth open to receive this remedy.
At the first sign of a cold like symptom, have your child start taking it and you probably will think that there probably really was never anything wrong with him/her, because they feel just fine so quickly.

4 oz Virogen
has also been used for viruses as tough as herpes and hepatitis of the liver, but it is gentle enough for every child in my opinion. This was the main remedy I used for my children when they were really small. It is awesome for teething. Since everything goes in the mouth, it is easy for a child to get a virus when a tooth is breaking through the skin and exposing little.
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2 oz Silphitrin is what I would use for tooth pain. Silphitrin is an extremely safe remedy.  It has an amazing pain reliever in it that is non-toxic. I have used it topically on tooth aches, on sprained ankles, on broken ribs etc. If I could only pick one remedy for a trip, this remedy would be the remedy I would pick to go on a trip because it is so versatile. I use Silphitrin every year when I go through my seasonal poison ivy episodes. It is the only thing that gets rid of the poison ivy for me and I have tried everything in the past. I use it topically, but I also take it under my tongue so it works on the poison ivy that is in my blood stream. add to cart
Molybdenum is another versatile product. I have actually stopped asthma attacks by breaking open a capsule and putting Molybdenum under the tongue, when I had nothing else in my purse but that. This is usually my go-to remedy when my one complains of a headache. I have always believed that no one is having a headache because they are deficient in aspirin, or Tylenol. There must have been something toxic that my one was exposed to that is causing the headache. It could have been paint fumes, dry-cleaning fumes, fabric softener in the clothes, wood cleaners, something one ate that had a preservative that one reacted to, so I always have people take Molybdenum instead of an aspirin or tylenol. The Molybdenum actually binds to toxins and one "pees" it out. The headache is gone and I did not cover up the symptom, I used something that actually got rid of the problem. add to cart



Microbojen is one of the most power-packed remedies you will ever come across. It is designed to help the body get rid of all kinds of microbes, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, prions, and mycoplasms. In a small, independent study, Microbojen increased the t-cells up to 200 points and restored normal weight and sense of well-being with one bottle in people suffering with AIDS. We have used this formula for people with the worst of the worst illnesses.   add to cart
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Beyond the Remedy:

As a mother, I went through 4 kids having whooping cough. One had West Nile Virus that led to her legs having flaccid paralysis (she is now a college volleyball player), one had cancer frequencies in the stomach, they all had chicken pox, Lyme disease, depression, anger issues, mental fatigue, adrenal stress, sports injuries, and your typical colds and flu. For each one, I always performed my 4 secret steps to healing and then gave them the appropriate remedy.

Try Microbojen™ before heading to the doctor's office!
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Microbojen and kids
When my kids complain of a tummy ache or intense stomach pains and diarrhea, the child quickly responds to one or two droppers of this remedy. Over 20 years of making this remedy, it is my favorite thing to see a Mom not have to take a child into the doctor’s office because her child responded so quickly when she only gave a few droppers of this remedy. 

This is a very versatile remedy. I use it for children with tummy aches and flu like symptoms. I have kept many moms from running to the doctor’s office by having the child take one or two doses of this one product.

Great companion to the Microbojen. It is always good to help your body eliminate the invaders. Xera-Tox has Silphium, Maclura Pomifera, Burdock root, Dandelion, Yucca and the "secret" ingredients Stevia and Humic Biomass which help drive the product into the cells.
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Molybdenum is usually my go-to remedy when my child complains of a headache. I have always said that no one is having a headache because they are deficient in aspirin. When bacteria is destroyed in the body, it is now dead stuff running around in the body and it has to get out. The Molybdenum binds to toxins and the child actually "pees" it out. The headache is gone and I did not cover up the symptom, I used something that actually got rid of the problem. add to cart

Remember the 4 step Protocol:

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Power-Packed Remedies
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